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Undersea Cable to Funnel 3 Gigawatts of Solar Energy From Egypt to Power Millions of European Households


One of the cable inspection boats – credit Copelouzos Group. Released.

Taking advantage of the huge output of solar energy in places neighboring the Sahara Desert, a massive undersea power cable is coming to Europe from Egypt.

Bringing 3,000 megawatts of renewable energy, the GREGY interconnection will run from northern Egypt to Attica, Greece.

Expected to be in operation for around 8 years, one-third of the cable’s supply will power Greek heavier industry, another third will be exported via shared grids to other European countries Bulgaria and Italy.

The final third will go to the production of green hydrogen.

“By bringing 3 gigawatts of clean energy to Europe, via Greece, we are helping Europe wean itself off Russia’s fossil fuels and natural gas. Also, the green energy we will transport will be much cheaper than today’s energy prices. You understand that this will help both Greek and European consumers,” said Ioannis Karydas, CEO of Renewables, Copelouzos Group.

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This massive effort to decarbonize has been done once before through the XLinks Moroccan-UK Power Project that sees a similar undersea cable run from Morocco all the way to Devon, UK, running a total of 2,300 miles, and bringing 10 gigawatts.

Egypt’s solar fields benefit from connections with the other North African countries of Libya and Sudan, with aspirations to become the largest exporters of renewable energy to southeast Europe.

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