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About Us

We, Corporate Soldiers, are a Digital Marketing and PR agency. We promote brands through strategic digital portrayal.

Here, we have done all of the heavy lifting for you. With one simple search, you can browse through the entire world of business and marketing – so you can spend your time pursing what matters most to you!

We cover companies across all industries all over the world – making us uniquely qualified to identify and align your company to the fast paced and volatile market

Meet the team

Nishant Arora


The Smart one! He knows the dynamics of convincing people and handling situations. We bet the moment he smiles you say a yes and his smile widens

Coming Soon


The most dynamic one! He wander in those spots around any topic you wouldn't even think of! He is a twitter geek and LinkedIN Champ.

Aman Sahu

IT Head

He is the Tech Brain of the Company. When he steps in, glitches leave the chat! He has an extra marital affair with Laptop screen!

Ojasvi Arora

Content Head

Did you say Meme? Mostly making jokes, he can be found juggling above and around all the people in the company. He's also referred as EIR ( onterprenor in Residence) and I know the spelling is wrong!