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Gemini AI stands as an innovative technology utilizing two neural networks, AlphaNet and BetaNet, working together. This dual-network system merges the analytical strength of AlphaNet with BetaNet's nuanced understanding, resembling human thinking. It excels in problem-solving,...
Indian Railways achieved a historic milestone as the " Engineering Marvel of the Modern World." The Chenab Railway Bridge had its successful trial run of the first train on June 16, 2024. The world's highest railway...

CrickPe: A Gamechanger or a Sticky Wicket?

Fantasy play apps are not-a-new-thing now! But who knew The Third Unicorn, the brainchild of Ashneer Grover, would also debut in the same segment...

The Coldness of Corporates: Layoff Era & Protecting Yourself

The current economic downturn has caused many tech giants to lay off thousands of their employees in a very ruthless manner. This unexpected and...

The Great Debate: Bootstrapped Startups vs Funded Startups – Which is Right for You?

Starting a business is a big decision, and one of the first choices entrepreneurs must make is how to fund their venture. There are...

Google to focus on investing in women-led early-stage startups

The company announced several projects powered by artificial intelligence, including speech technology, voice and video search etc.

India Tech 2022 Report: Detailed overview of Indian startup ecosystem, fundraising landscape, acquisitions, IPOs and more

This year saw enterprise applications, fintech and retail emerge as the top performing sectors in terms of funding. 

Government recognises 84,102 entities as startups as on November 30

Under this initiative, entities are recognized as startups by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT).

Doglapan spikes! Teetotaler Ashneer’s biggest investment in Bira 91

Bira is the Hindi word for brother and 91 is India's country code. Although Ashneer Grover abstains from drinking, his largest investment is in BIRA. 🍺(Doglapan at peak!😉 As fascinating as the above fact and as awesome as Bira's beer is their story.

B2B Start-Up TechShots And VESIT Join Hands To Develop AI Tool To Predict Buying Patterns Among IT Decision-Makers

As per the agreement, VESIT’s Department of Computer Engineering will work closely with the product and editorial team of TechShots to develop the tool...

Private Equity/Venture Capital investments in startups plunge 75% YoY to just USD 3.3 billion: Report

The USD 1-billion Citiustech deal between Bain Capital and BPEA EQT helped prop up PE/VC exits in October to USD 1.6 billion. 

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