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Cracking the LinkedIn Badges Puzzle: Understanding Blue Top Voices vs. Light Gold Top Voices – Charting Your Path to Professional Success


On LinkedIn, people can get special badges to show that they are a top voice. There are two kinds: one is blue, called LinkedIn Top Voice, and it’s only for experts and leaders who get invited. The other is light gold, called Community Top Voice, and you can earn it by making good contributions on LinkedIn. 

Blue LinkedIn Top voice badge

The LinkedIn Blue Top Voices badge is a special honor given to a few experts worldwide who regularly share valuable insights on the platform. It’s a unique blue icon that distinguishes them as top-level experts and leaders in their fields. Getting this badge is by invitation only and highlights their important contributions, making them stand out as thought leaders on LinkedIn, boosting their profile and reach.

Exploring the Blue Top Voice Badge on linkedIn

LinkedIn’s Blue Top Voice Badge isn’t just a fancy icon; it shows that you’re really good at sharing helpful stuff and talking about things that matter in your job world. The LinkedIn Top Voices badge is a recognition of consistent and high-quality contributions that resonate with a global professional audience.

What Makes the Blue Badge Special?

1 .Recognition of Expertise: The Blue Top Voice Badge signifies a level of expertise and authority in a particular industry or subject matter. It serves as a virtual endorsement of the individual’s knowledge and contributions.

2. Consistent Engagement: LinkedIn awards the Blue Badge to individuals who consistently produce high-quality content and actively engage with their network. It’s not just about the quantity but the impact of their contributions.

3.Community Leadership: Recipients of the Blue Top Voice Badge are often leaders in fostering meaningful conversations. They not only share their insights but also encourage discussions that elevate the professional community.

Benefits of the Blue Top Voice Badge:

1. More People See You: The Blue Badge helps more people find you and become your work buddies. It’s like having a spotlight on you in a good way.

2. Networking Opportunities: With the badge, networking becomes more accessible. It opens doors to new connections, collaborations, and opportunities within the industry.

3. Everyone Trusts You More:When you have the Blue Badge, people think you’re super trustworthy. It tells everyone that you’re really good at your job.

How to Get the Blue Badge:

  •  Share Good Stuff Regularly: Keep posting smart and cool things often so that people like what you share.
  • Talk a Lot with Others: Don’t be shy! Talk to people, comment on their posts, and join the conversation on LinkedIn.
  • Make Lots of Work Friends: Connect with lots of people in your job world and be nice to them. It’s like making a big gang of work friends.
  • Trustworthy Presence: Uphold high trust standards and align contributions with LinkedIn’s policies
  • Global Expertise: Showcase diverse expertise and demonstrate thought leadership.

Getting the Blue Top Voice Badge on LinkedIn is like getting a big thumbs up for being awesome at your job. Just keep sharing smart things, talking with others, and making work friends, and you might get this cool badge too!

Light Gold Top Voice Badge

The light gold”Top Voice” labels on LinkedIn aren’t very helpful and can be misleading. Where do they come from, and why are they confusing? Let’s look into this viewpoint .

The Light gold “Top Voice” badge on LinkedIn might confuse people because, unlike what we usually think about such badges, it doesn’t always mean someone is an expert in a particular area. Critics worry that people might see the orange badge and think the person has a lot of knowledge or influence, like the blue “Top LinkedIn voice” badges.

In reality, the light gold badge is earned through active participation in a new community posts feature rather than through content quality, authority, or uniqueness. The difference between what people think the badge means and what it actually represents in terms of participation can lead to confusion. People might think someone is an expert or a top authority just because of their badge, even if they contribute more in terms of quantity rather than quality.

This confusion can happen because people generally expect badges on social platforms to show expertise or important contributions. But the light gold “Top Voice” badge is more about recognizing participation than deep knowledge. So, users might think someone is highly professional just because of their badge, even though it really shows a different kind of involvement on the platform.

Essentially, the confusion comes from the difference between what users think the badge means and how it’s actually earned. This issue highlights the need for LinkedIn to communicate more clearly to prevent giving a wrong idea about someone’s expertise or authority with the light gold”Top Voice” badge.

After earning a badge, it stays active for 60 days, but LinkedIn can remove it if your posts don’t add value or violate their rules. To keep your badge longer than 60 days, consistently share relevant, original, and valuable content that other members appreciate. It’s about maintaining a positive contribution to the platform to hold onto your recognition.

The Community Top Voices badge shows up on your profile and next to your contributions in collaborative articles. If you’d rather not show the badge, you can edit your settings to hide it. It gives you the flexibility to choose whether or not you want to display this recognition on your profile.

How to Earn the Community Top Voices Badge

  •  Active Participation : Engage actively in specific LinkedIn communities.
  • Valuable Content: Share relevant and valuable content within the community.
  • Positive Impact: Aim for a positive impact on the community environment.
  •  Recognition:  Seek acknowledgment from community admins.

The big difference between the two badges is what they stand for and how you get them. The Blue Badge is all about being an expert, showing leadership, and sharing really good stuff. On the other hand, the light gold Top Voice” badge is more about being involved in certain groups and talking a lot in those communities. It’s important for users to know these differences so they can understand what someone’s badge really means on their LinkedIn profile. Basically, one badge shows expertise and quality contributions, while the other highlights being active in communities – both ways people contribute and get recognized on LinkedIn.


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