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Earning Big with Elon Musk’s Twitter ‘X’: Discover How Your Tweets Can Now Make You Money!


In a bid to foster a more vibrant creator community and provide new avenues for income, X (formerly known as Twitter) recently unveiled its innovative revenue sharing program. This initiative is a significant step forward for the platform, enabling eligible content creators to earn a share of the advertising revenue generated from their posts, particularly those in replies. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting development and understand its implications for creators and the broader Twitter ecosystem.

X’s Creator Ads Revenue Sharing Program

Twitter’s latest move includes a visionary initiative – the Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program. This game-changing feature allows verified users to earn revenue from ads posted in replies to users’ posts. Through this program, creators can now monetize their content more effectively, marking a significant step towards enabling online artists, influencers, and visionaries to pursue their passions and earn a livelihood directly on Twitter.


To be eligible for creator ads revenue sharing, users need to fulfil the criteria’s below: The following boxes must all be checked by users in order to qualify for creator advertisements income sharing:

  1. A subscription to X Premium, formerly known as Twitter Blue or a Verified Organization
  2. Must have received 15 million organic impressions on all posts combined over the previous three months.
  3. Have 500 or more followers.

You must then take the following actions if you match the qualifying requirements.

  1. Open a Stripe account, which X will use to handle your payments. You must adhere to the creator monetization standard and guidelines.
  2. Have a minimum age of 18
  3. Be a regular user of X for at least three months.
  4. In the last 30 days, send out at least 25 tweets.
  5. Keep your profile updated with a header image, bio, and picture.
  6. Verify email address and two-factor authentication
  7. Follow the User Agreement and the Content Monetization Standards to keep a spotless record.
  8. Not a state-affiliated media account
  9. Have a genuine identity (no impersonators) on your profile.

You can apply for Ads Revenue sharing if you abide by the aforementioned criterias. Simply log in to your account and access account settings. Now choose the ad income sharing checkbox to enable it. After that, click “Join and set up payouts” to be taken to Stripe, where you must create an account to collect your rewards.

Twitter Blue Subscription and Ad Placement:

Notably, the revenue sharing program is intertwined with Twitter’s subscription service, Twitter Blue. Creators who are subscribed to Twitter Blue are eligible to participate, revealing a strategic synergy between subscription-based monetization and ad revenue sharing. The program’s focus on ads within replies opens up a new dimension for monetization, creating opportunities for creators to benefit from engagements beyond their primary posts.

Transparency and Payouts:

While specific details about payout calculations and Twitter’s share remain undisclosed, the transparency of the program stands out. Creators are informed about the revenue potential, and early reports suggest varying payout amounts based on impressions and engagement. This information empowers creators to gauge the program’s potential impact on their earnings and make informed decisions about their participation.

Implications for the Creator Community:

Twitter’s revenue sharing program, combined with its other monetization avenues like paid subscriptions, marks a significant shift in the social media landscape. It acknowledges the influence and value that creators bring to the platform and introduces a sustainable model for their growth. Aspiring creators can now strive to reach the qualifying criteria and benefit from this initiative, offering a renewed sense of purpose and motivation within the community.


Twitter’s new revenue sharing program is a promising development that ushers in a new era of monetization for content creators. By embracing this initiative, Twitter demonstrates its commitment to nurturing and rewarding the creative talents that drive engagement and vibrancy on the platform. As the program expands and more creators begin to benefit, it’s evident that social media is evolving beyond mere interaction into a realm where creativity is not just celebrated but also economically valued.


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