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Fight Back: What to Do if Your Employer Has Stopped Your Salary or Not Deposited Your PF


If you’re in a situation where your employer has stopped your salary or has not deposited your Provident Fund (PF), it’s important to take immediate action. This article provides a step-by-step guide on what you can do.

Step 1: Determine Company Registration with EPFO

Check if your company is registered with the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). If it is, your employer is bound to deposit your PF amount with the EPFO trust.

Step 2: Address Non-Deposit of PF

If your employer has not deposited your PF, you can take the following actions:

Contact the Regional PF Inspector
Write to the Provident Fund Department at [email protected]
Complain to the Chief Vigilance Officer at [email protected]
File a criminal case at the local police station

Step 3: File Complaint for Non-Registration with EPFO

If your company is not registered with EPFO, you can make a written complaint to the local Assistant Commissioner of EPF.

Step 4: Take Action Against Stopped Salary

If your salary has been stopped, you can take legal action or file a complaint with the local labor department.

Step 5: Consider Legal Options

If other options don’t work, you can consider the following legal options:

Hire a lawyer with experience in similar cases

File a cheating case with the police (if there’s enough evidence)
File a summary suit or go to labor court

Step 6: Contact Labour Commissioner

You can also reach out to the Labour Commissioner in your region for assistance.

It’s important to act quickly in these situations to avoid further hassle. Before hiring a lawyer, make sure they have experience in handling similar cases. You can find the contact information for labor commissioners in India on the official website at https://clc.gov.in/clc/contact-list-region-wise.

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