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Get ready for an unexpected Saturday opening: stock market app!


Prepare yourselves for a unique trading day, stock market enthusiasts! The Indian stock exchanges, NSE and BSE, will be open for a special live trading session this Saturday, January 20, 2024. However, before you get a cup of coffee and open your trading app, let me tell you why this Saturday session is not like any other.

Prepare for Disasters, Not Early Bird Specials: 

It’s not a bonus market day to make a few more trades. Actually, it’s a disaster recovery (DR) drill, a simulated exercise designed to evaluate the markets’ capacity to adjust in the event of unanticipated events. Consider it as the stock market equivalent of a fire drill!

Two Sessions, One Mission: 

There will be a pause in between each of the two trading sessions that make up the day. The exchanges will smoothly transition from their primary site to a backup, or disaster recovery (DR), site during this downtime. This test drive will determine how well-prepared they are to handle real-world disruptions such as natural disasters or technological malfunctions, guaranteeing little downtime and protecting your assets.

What to Expect (and Not Expect):

 There will be some significant changes, but the fundamentals of trading will stay the same. To avoid extreme fluctuations, anticipate narrower price ranges and don’t rely on Friday’s intraday gains. Consider it a new beginning with a slightly altered set of guidelines.

Points to Remember:

  • Restrictions: Certain restrictions will apply to guarantee a seamless transition. For the majority of securities, price bands will be fixed at 5%, and the daily operational range of futures contracts will be 5%.
  • Holiday of Settlement: During the special session, Friday, January 19, profits will not be accessible for trade.
  • Technical Errors: Recall that this is a simulation. Order execution may experience occasional snags or delays.

A Look Into the Future: 

This DR drill provides an intriguing look into what the Indian stock market may hold in store. It displays the cutting-edge technology and strong infrastructure working behind the scenes to safeguard your assets.

How then can you take part? 

Come to this workshop with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. Take note of the many dynamics, see the DR process play out, and acknowledge the efforts made to protect your financial security. Just keep in mind that this is a simulation and not a chance to take big chances.

Remain educated! For comprehensive details regarding the session, refer to the official announcements made by the BSE and NSE. And keep in mind that Groww disclaims all liability for any technical issues that arise during this test run.

  • Strategically plan your trades: Take into account the shorter holding periods and tighter price bands. Plan your trades ahead of time.
  • Remain composed and cool: Refrain from making snap decisions because of the peculiar environment. Aim for long-term investment goals; steer clear of irrational trading.
  • Think of it as a teaching moment: View this event as a chance to learn about the resiliency of the market and the steps taken to safeguard your investments.

The stock market opening on a Saturday would be rare, but that’s just what will happen on January 20, 2024! Rest assured, though—neither is this a precipitous economic downturn nor a last-ditch attempt to extend trade days. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange are actually conducting a Disaster Recovery (DR) exercise during this special session (BSE). The exceptional trading session on Saturday demonstrates the tenacity and vision of the Indian stock market. With your investments in capable hands, go ahead and don your metaphorical helmet and join the drill.


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