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Imports of Tesla parts from India will be worth over $1.9 Billion: Know more about Piyush Goyal’s tour to Tesla Factory


Imports of Tesla parts from India will double

Piyush Goyal, the minister of commerce and industry, declared that Tesla would increase the number of parts it imports from India and hold talks with the government to explore production and sales strategies in the nation. Goyal highlighted his happiness at the contributions made by Indian professionals to Tesla’s development as well as the increasing significance of Indian auto component suppliers in the company’s supply chain. Tesla has been interacting with the government for a while, and the business is becoming more interested in India. India may become a bigger source for Tesla than it was at $1 billion last year.

Tesla’s Expansion in India: $1.9 Billion Deal Signals Major Growth

After purchasing $1 billion worth of components from India last year, he stated in September that Tesla planned to source components worth between $1.7 billion and $1.9 billion from the country this year. The Minister was expected to speak with Mr Musk on his visit to the United States regarding Tesla’s intentions to open an Indian factory, produce a $24,000 vehicle there, procure additional parts, and build out a nationwide network of charging stations.

“Tesla’s Accelerating Partnership with India: Doubling Component Imports

On Tuesday, Piyush Goyal, the minister of commerce and industry, announced that Tesla would increase its imports of parts from India by twofold while conversing with the government about a strategy to produce and market the vehicle there.

“I’m incredibly happy to see that great Indian engineers and finance experts are contributing to Tesla’s incredible quest to reinvent transportation in senior roles. I’m also pleased to note that Indian auto component suppliers are becoming more and more significant in the Tesla EV supply chain. It is en route to double its imports of Indian components. “Missed the magnetic presence of Mr. Elon Musk and I hope he recovers quickly,” Goyal tweeted during his visit to Tesla’s Fremont manufacturing plant Goyal and Musk are expected to meet in the US after their initial talks over Tesla’s plans for India. Earlier this year, in the US, the businessman had also visited Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“India Beckons Tesla: Growing Sourcing, Plans for Low-Cost Vehicle, and Investment Potential Pique Enthusiasm”

Goyal had previously stated that the business may increase its sourcing from India, which was approximately $1 billion last year. Although Tesla and the government have been working together for a while, it appears that Tesla is now more eager to concentrate on India. The initial news regarding Tesla’s discussions to produce a low-cost vehicle for the Indian and foreign markets—possibly priced at Rs 20 lakh. Goyal, who is in the US for an APEC and Indo-Pacific Economic Framework meeting, also met with investors and made the case for India as a desirable place to invest. “Hushed the potential that India offers, given its unique blend of manufacturing prowess, business-friendly environment, and demographic dividend,” Goyal tweeted.

As businesses consider a China Plus One plan to lessen their reliance on a single source for their products, the government is actively seeking out investors. Although there has been a significant movement in Apple’s contract manufacturers to India, the government thinks that other companies, like Tesla, could be prospective investors.

Anticipated Tesla-India Meeting: Exploring Factory Plans for $24,000 Car Model and Market Potential

Goyal is anticipated to meet Tesla CEO Elon Musk at some point during his US visit, even though he was unable to do so while at the company’s factory. According to Reuters, the agenda item for the meeting will be Tesla’s intentions to establish an Indian factory that will produce a $24,000 car model.

For years, there had been anticipation about Tesla’s debut in the Indian market. With its aggressive EV policies and increasing emphasis on renewable energy, India offered Tesla a great chance to grow its electric vehicle business. In an attempt to take advantage of India’s market potential, the company expressed interest in establishing a Gigafactory to produce automobiles and batteries.

Challenges and Potential: Tesla’s Roadblock in India’s Infrastructure and Opportunities for Sustainable Energy Alliance

There were, however, difficulties. Significant development was needed in India’s infrastructure, including policies that encourage the use of electric vehicles and charging stations. For Tesla, lowering the cost of their cars for the Indian market was hampered by import taxes and tax laws.

The potential for the partnership between Tesla and India remained despite these obstacles. The potential alliance would support Tesla’s goal of hastening the global switch to sustainable energy by utilizing India’s large market for renewable energy solutions and a skilled labour force.

“Tesla’s India Timeline: From Showroom Debut to Autonomous Tech Approval and Staff Expansion”

In 2015, Tesla opened a showroom in New Delhi.

In 2016, Tesla signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Karnataka government to explore the possibility of setting up a manufacturing plant in the state.

In 2017, Tesla applied for a license to set up a research and development centre in India.

In 2019, Tesla received approval from the Indian government to test its autonomous driving technology on Indian roads.

In 2020, Tesla began hiring staff in India.


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