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Passion, Perseverance, and PeopleSense: The Epic Tale of Nikita and Amit Jain’s Entrepreneurship Saga


In a world filled with ‘yeh sab filmon mein hota hai’, fate intervened and brought together two young hearts – Amit and Nikita,  a story nothing short of a blockbuster hit, filled with all the abstract embellishments coming to real life! As they get along in life, they also found a mission to revolutionize healthcare and together created PeopleSense – a company that changed lives. Their story of companionship and passion is a legend, inspiring for generations to come.

Born in Pali, Rajasthan, they were Schoolmates! The series of events to which the union of the two protagonists followed is pretty crazy and fascinating! Definitely,

Amit was a lively and charming fellow, while Nikita who was his junior at school was a calm, composed and graceful kid! Amit’s father had been a badminton player, which eventually passed onto him! 

Badminton gave Amit the edge of fame in his school, locality and everywhere! He was the State champion in Rajasthan for 4 times. He recalls when once, his friend was playing against him in the Final match of the state tournament. By the time they reached finals, he was very tired and exhausted that he refused to play the final, to which even his coach agreed! However, His friend ignited saying, “ Khelne se pehle hi haar gaya”. Eventually, he played and won the match.

He remembers how once, when they both were going to Pali in Covid times, they met a young boy, who knew him as the Badminton champion (after 20 years of Amit left badminton).

Nikita, who was his Junior, knew the famous guy in the school! Nikita, while being cool and calm, was a stubborn person! She had a ‘good kid’ school life. Though post-college, which she did at a nearby institution only, she really wanted to go to Mumbai, explore life and find her passion. As SRK has said” Kisi Cheez ki Shiddat se chaho to poori kaynaat apko usse milane me lag jaati h!”. So, fortune did well and She went there for Job Hunting.

Amit, meanwhile went for BBA. It was a whole new experience for him in an English medium college. Moving through this transition, his friend Anuj supported him in his studies. He stayed at his Masi’s place in Jodhpur. He then did IBF diploma and appeared for MBA entrance, which got him to SCMLD Pune. Post which he moved for his career life!

All this while, his parents have been very supportive. His father was his torchlight all the way!

Now his career brought him to Mumbai, where he worked with several organizations. Here’s where the plot gets really interesting! He was working in Randstad when destiny brought its surprises!

All this while, when Amit was in Mumbai, He had met Nikita at his Dadi’s house through some relatives! They exchanged numbers for the sake of a common connection in Mumbai and the same hometown. Life definitely comes a full circle and indeed the dots connect!

What happened was that Nikita was looking for a job change, and she happened to meet Amit in Randstad. Amit helped her get an interview…however which didn’t go so well! Nevertheless, destiny made go well, what it wanted to! They became friends! Eventually, they became ready to be partners for life. They got married in 2012. It was the time when Amit was entangled in building PeopleSense.

How, When and Why PeopleSense!?

Amit worked with organizations like Thomas Assessment and Randstad. He learned a lot! but his heart always yearned for something more. The seed of entrepreneurship had already been planted, as he used to do small gigs of business during his student life. And it was only a matter of time before it bloomed into something spectacular. This instinct birthed tickettadka.com.

Tickettadka.com, a venture that Amit and his friend Sourabh Daga embarked on together. They poured their heart and soul into it, and soon enough, it was thriving with 40-50 lakhs of business. But fate had other plans, and the venture had to be shut down.

Amit’s journey was like a restless river carving its way through rugged terrain, fueled by passion Amit’s instincts pushed him towards the shimmering promise of a business of his own, a new venture that would allow him to harness his talents and follow his dreams. This led to the birth of PeopleSense- A healthcare recruitment agency!

He along with his friend Vishwajeet Kadlak, registered the company on 10th Jan 2011. For the first two years, they barely were on break-even to support their own living, however, they were on a growing curve! It was a journey filled with challenges and setbacks, But they stood firm and resolute in their pursuit of greatness.

This was around the time when he was about to marry Nikita. Nikita’s family was supportive enough to let the young couple go on the adventure together. However, in the initial years, Nikita was a passive part of it.

After a long companionship against the storm of struggles, Vishwajeet had to leave the company! leaving Amit and Nikita to continue the journey. All the hustle was on its track, his Jiju (Abhay) was kind enough to give him space in his office! That office became the first office of PeopleSense. There they had the first employee of the company also.

The winds of change blew fiercely, but Amit and his team weathered the storm, like a mighty oak standing tall against the raging elements. 

After a while, when the company slightly started stabilizing, the team grew bigger. Now they started looking out for a new office, which to his fortune, instead of renting, his father suggested and helped him in buying that!

The team grew bigger, and their dedication to work propelled them to new heights. They partnered with an acquaintance, which led to a massive shift, but they persevered, And just when we think the story has reached its peak, there’s a sudden twist. Somehow, they again had to part ways from there, continuing on their own!

As the story unfolds, you’ll be left craving for more, eager to see how this rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship unfolds for Amit and Nikita. Their dedication towards work made all the adversities bow!

Amit’s life is like football, kicked from different places and feet, but that is to take to the right goal!

For Nikita, it was a leap of faith, a daring adventure into the unknown, but she trusted in the power and the allure of a shared dream. And in the depths of struggle and adversity, they grew stronger, like a delicate flower blooming in the harshest of environments.

She joined in full-fledged in 2017! Within two months, they made a strong comeback, by closing 7 positions. They started expanding again, shifted to Andheri, doubled in revenue, got two offices. And one fine day in 2020…! Covid happened.

One major concern was the salary of employees, which, fortunately, the govt issued TDS Refunds earlier, thus they were able to distribute all the salaries! In fact, they gave appraisals on time!  Since then, there’s been no turning back. They flourished better and stronger. It took 11 whooping years to make PeopleSense an overnight success.

They still feel they are in a transformation phase and believe the coming two years will see a new sun of fortune!

We’ve heard, after a while, everything falls into perspective! All the fancy proverbs start making sense. Everything that seemed too good to be true, that felt Bollywoodish or a fantasy novel becomes real. All you have to do it to believe enough and have the heart of hope to make it happen.

From humble beginnings to scaling heights, their story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. As the story draws to a close, we see them, successful and happy, walking in solace, signing with the ink of courage on the canvas of the horizon.


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