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Podcast Marketing: The next big thing in Marketing


Podcast marketing is a marketing approach that involves promoting and selling your product or service via audio material. It aids in expanding the brand’s reach, telling its story, establishing its authority, and promoting word-of-mouth advertising.

Podcasts are currently a popular alternative to conventional marketing platforms. They can get useful, enlightening, and instructional resources from professionals and business leaders. Here are some reasons to consider using a podcast for your brand.

Many people now choose podcasts instead of other marketing channels. They can receive valuable, informative, educational materials from experts and industry leaders. Here are some reasons to consider using a podcast for your brand:

  • A niche targeted audience; Podcast is a Very targeted form of content, unlike others, you won’t go and listen to any podcast unless it is something of your interest. Thus, everyone coming to a particular podcast is a hot lead for a product or service of that domain.
  • High ROI; Since the audience of the podcast is very niched and specific, the ROI automatically touches very good numbers. It certainly brings the exact audience that we need and is convertible and retainable.
  • A wide base of listeners; People by themselves choose to be podcast listeners, and in the fast-paced lifestyle, the relevance of learning and growth has gone much higher. Thus Podcast usage growth is reaching pinnacles.
  • Many referrals; Podcasts have become a part of daily conversations. Growth-oriented people discuss and refer podcasts in their group, and thus we can rapidly grow with word of mouth!
  • lower competition; Though it is a viral thing now, still the creators in this domain are lesser as compared to any form of content and thus the competition is much lesser. The time is now to take the king spot to reap the benefits later
  • Brand awareness: Brands have also started to collab with podcasters, making podcasts an official thing! Brand integration and podcasts by brands themselves have started taking a boom. Podcast marketing is the future.
  • Value for the audience: Since it’s only an audio form of communication, it’s more about building a loyal audience and implanting the brand value in their subconscious. Inviting guest speakers with a good audience, and discussions on valuable topics is the key to the game
  • Community of Interested People; Podcasts audience, is the one interested in that particular topic and brings more people like them, thus making it the fastest means to build a community of people interested in a particular domain`

The bigger picture is here!

Podcast marketing is a daughter tactic, coming from the roots of Audio Marketing. Audio marketing has always been there in form of jingles! The most powerful recall-building tool Audio marketing helps you implant your brand in the subconscious of your customer, which you may say is the throne of king!

Now audio marketing is reaching the next level. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Twitter spaces, clubhouse, Spotify and Kuku FM are the most prominent examples of it. Several digital marketing courses and agencies have started including Alexa ranking in their modules/services.

According to a GlobalWebIndex search report, 27% of consumers use voice search on their mobile devices already, and 34% said they’d be interested in installing voice-activated smart assistants in their homes.

Another very relevant coverage was also done by Forbes or audio marketing being the coming king of marketing


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