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Ratan Tata’s incredible Success story of Tata Motors | Celebrating his 85th birthday


Happy birthday to Ratan Tata ji
Ratan Tata turns 85 today

He was born in Mumbai on December 28, 1937. Ratan Tata is a wealthy businessman and a generous person, yet there is an anecdote about him that shows how to exact revenge on someone. In fact, he retaliated for his insult to Ford Motors’ chairman in an unusual way.

This is from the 1990s when Tata Motors released the Tata Indica under the chairmanship of TATA Sons, Ratan Tata. However, the selling of Tata cars was not proceeding as planned by Ratan Tata at the time. Tata Indica received a dismal reception from customers, and due to mounting losses, they chose to sell the Passenger Car Business. He spoke with Ford Motors, an American car company, about this. Bill Ford, chairman of luxury automobile maker Ford, mocked Ratan Tata when he decided to sell his passenger car business to Ford Motors. ‘You don’t know anything, why did you build the passenger vehicle division?’ Ford insulted.

Ratan Tata postponed the decision to sell the car sector, teaching Bill Ford an unforeseen lesson. Even after his insult, Ratan Tata remained calm and did not respond swiftly. The same night, he returned to Mumbai. He never addressed the slur to anyone, instead focusing on growing the company’s car sector. His efforts paid off, and after around nine years, in 2008, his Tata Motors ruled the global market, with the company’s automobiles topping the West Selling category. On the one hand, Ratan Tata’s TATA Motors was soaring to new heights. At the same time, Ford Motors, run by Bill Ford, was in deep trouble.

Ratan Tata stepped forward to save the sinking Ford corporation, but his action was a ferocious retaliation for the insult delivered by the Ford chairman. In reality, when Ford was losing money, Tata chairman Ratan Tata offered to buy his company’s most popular brands, Jaguar and Land Rover. Ratan Tata did not travel to America for this transaction, but Bill Ford, who insulted him, traveled to Mumbai with his full team.

This is the power of determination! Hats off to Ratan Sir


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