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10 Interesting and Amazing Facts about Shri Kedarnath Dham Jyotirling that every Shiv Devotee must know


Kedarnath Shivlingam is Rare and Unique in form Among 12 Jyotirling as It’s in the form of Hump of Bull. According to Legend Bhagwan Shiva emerge here in form of a bull and relieves Pandavas from the guilt of the Mahabharat War

• Kedarnath Dham is Among 8 Shiva Mandirs in Bharat located in a straight line, on the same longitude of 79°

Kedarnath – 79.06°
Kalahashti – 79.07°
Ekambarnatha – 79.07°
Thiruvanamalai – 79.07°
Thiruvanaikaval – 78.71°
Chidambaram – 79.69°
Rameshwaram – 79.31°
Kaleshwaram – 79.90°

• Scientists and researchers have found that Kedarnath Dham temple was covered entirely in snow for almost 400 years and still survived being completely engulfed in glacial snow without any harm being caused to the temple structure

• Kedarnath Dham is believed to be more than 5000+ years old built by Pandavas in an attempt to receive a pardon from Lord Shiva after performing their penance during the Dwapar Yuga

• As per religious beliefs Kedarnath Dham is always blessed and Protected with the omniscient presence of Bhagwan Shiva who protects the Dham shrine diligently, This has been proven during the devastating 2013 unexpected Kedarnath flooding

• Kedarnath Dham is considered as Most Powerful Shiva Mandir, It’s one of the twelve Jyotirlingas and an important part of the chota char dham yatra, Kedarnath Dham is among 275 mandirs of Paadal Petra Sthalams of Bhagwan Shiva and also the most important among the Panch Kedars

• Kedarnath Dham remains closed off for Darshan for 6 months during winter when the entire region gets engulfed in snow and experiences extremely freezing temperatures and Deity Shifted from Kedarnath to Ukhimath

• Devotees Hear Shiva Mantra Chants in Kedarnath Mandir Complex during evening aarti, Mantras are chanted in the Kannada Language

• Bhairavnath Mandir is situated south of the Kedarnath temple on the eastern hill of the lofty Himalayas, Bhairava is Kshetrapal of Kedarnath Dham protects the whole Kedar Valley during winter when the mandir is closed

• Kedarnath Dham trek is one of the toughest religious treks which requires a good level of physical fitness starting from Gaurikund till Kedarnath of a Total 22 Km hilly trek in the Mighty Himalayas.


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