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Ratan Tata’s incredible Success story of Tata Motors | Celebrating his 85th birthday

Happy birthday to Ratan Tata ji Ratan Tata turns 85 today He was born in Mumbai on December 28, 1937. Ratan Tata is a wealthy businessman...

Podcast Marketing: The next big thing in Marketing

Podcast marketing is a marketing approach that involves promoting and selling your product or service via audio material. It aids in expanding the brand's...

A Womanpreneur’s Odyssey of becoming the Voice of Trust in Real Estate

“I carry in my Eyes, a dream to give a home to at least 100 families and educate 100 girl children in the near future .” Ms. Heena Sehrawat, Founder and CEO of The Heena Realty Makers. Read how an innocent being built herself into the voice of trust in Real Estate

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