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Muloha: The Empowering Story of Sweta Chandak’s Journey from IT to Natural Skincare Entrepreneur


A Mother, A Wife, An Entrepreneur: The Inspiring Journey of Sweta Chandak

Born and raised in Kolkata within a family rooted in business, Sweta Chandak’s story is one of resilience and remarkable determination.
Her path was forged with educational excellence, earning her a Master’s degree in MCA from VIT, setting the stage for a remarkable journey.

Commencing her career at Tata Consultancy Services, Sweta’s prowess in the IT world grew rapidly. After three years, she embarked on a new chapter when she moved to London following her marriage. In the vibrant tech scene of London, she continued to shine, demonstrating her commitment to her craft in a foreign environment.

Years passed, Sweta’s life journey took a new turn as she and her husband welcomed their daughter into the world.
Over the years she felt blessed with a happy family and a growing career. But throughout this time, she held a dream close to her heart – a dream of entrepreneurship, of creating something remarkable.
In conversations with her husband, she shared her entrepreneurial aspirations, fostering an environment of support and encouragement.

Tragedy struck, however, when Sweta’s husband passed away unexpectedly. In the face of this profound loss, everything she had known was shaken. Yet, within this crucible of adversity, she found the seeds of strength and resilience to move forward.

Despite having the option to lead a comfortable life in London, she made a decision to move to India to provide a more secure environment for her daughter, a decision that would shape her future.

Amidst the depths of grief, Sweta quit her incredible IT career and decided to chase her entrepreneurial dream with unwavering determination. She resolved to face challenges head-on and rebuild her life in her homeland.

During the early days of her startup, Muloha-Natural Skin Care, Sweta remained steadfast in her commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The name echoed her journey – ‘Muloha‘ meaning ‘root’ in Sanskrit – a fitting tribute to her dedication to her roots, her values, and her vision.

“Muloha is more than a brand; it’s a philosophy that resonates with nature enthusiasts worldwide. It’s the place where you can reconnect with nature through exquisite skincare.
The brand’s mission is to bring you as close to nature as possible, nurturing your skin with the pure essence of botanical wonders.”

Sweta’s story is a testament to the indomitable spirit of a woman who, in the face of unimaginable loss, not only found her footing but soared to new heights.
Today, Sweta Chandak stands as an embodiment of her entrepreneurial dream, a living inspiration for those who face challenges head-on and transform them into stepping stones. Her journey exemplifies the essence of a mother, a wife, and an entrepreneur – a triumphant symphony of strength, determination.


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