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Tata opens 800 Vacancies for Laid off employees


Once again, Tata Group steps in to save the day by filling 800 vacancies at Jaguar Land Rover with laid-off workers from Meta, Amazon, and Twitter.

During this ongoing layoff crisis, the Tata Group moved promptly, offering 800 vacancies for techies through a dedicated portal and emphasizing digital talent laid off by large software companies like Meta, Twitter, and Amazon.

Ratan Tata saved thousands of jobs in the United Kingdom in 2016 by investing more than $1 billion in Port Talbot steel production.

Tata has a long history of fostering employee happiness. They were also acknowledged in 1947 for establishing a dedicated personnel department, which was significantly earlier than other Indian corporations.

Furthermore, enacting a separate program that gave salary and benefits to those who stayed until retirement age.

Additionally, the Tata Group recently stopped the closing of struggling Air India Limited, saving thousands of jobs.

As Rakesh Jhunjhunwala mentioned the house of Tatas is blessed by GOD, It seems They deserve to be blessed


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