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Vande Bharat Express: India’s Jump into High-velocity Rail


The Vande Bharat Express, otherwise called Train 18, is a demonstration of India’s obligation to modernise its rail line framework and embrace state-of-the-art innovation. Sent off in February 2019, this rapid train has ignited monstrous interest and excitement among rail fans and the overall population the same. In this article, we will dig into the excursion of Vande Bharat Express, its importance in the Indian rail organization, and the effect it has had on India’s transportation scene.

Beginning of Vande Bharat Express

The possibility of Vande Bharat Express came to fruition with the Indian government’s aggressive designs to alter the country’s rail route foundation. The objective was to present current, high velocity prepares that could rival worldwide guidelines, diminishing travel time and upgrading traveller solace.

Vande Bharat sleeper trains will have 857 berths, with 823 for passengers and 34 for staff, and each coach has a mini pantry. These sleeper trains are being manufactured by a consortium of India’s Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) and Russia’s TMH Group, which bid the lowest to supply 120 of the 200 new Vande Bharat sleeper trains.

The train was conceptualized and planned by the Vital Mentor Production line (ICF) in Chennai. Its improvement denoted a huge takeoff from conventional rail line plans, integrating cutting-edge elements and innovation. Vande Bharat Express was hailed as a ‘Make in India’ example of overcoming adversity, representing the country’s capacity to deliver elite, native rail innovation.

India has 25 Vande Bharat Express trains to permit travellers to have a more helpful travel insight. Look at the total rundown of Vande Bharat Express Trains in India here.

Currently, Vande Bharat expresses are running on 25 routes:


1 Varanasi – New Delhi (22435) New Delhi – Varanasi (22436)
2 New Delhi – SMVD KATRA (22439) SMVD KATRA -New Delhi (22440)
3 Mumbai Central- Gandhinagar CAP (20901) Gandhinagar CAP -Mumbai Central (20902)
4 New Delhi – Amb Andaura (22447) Amb Andaura – New Delhi (22448)
5 Chennai – Mysuru (20607) Mysuru- Chennai (20608)
6 Bilaspur Junction – Nagpur Junction (20825) (Temporarily Replaced with Tejas Express) Nagpur – Bilaspur Junction (20826) (Temporarily Replaced with Tejas Express)
7 Howrah-New Jalpaiguri (22301) New Jalpaiguri Junction – Howrah (22302)
8 Secunderabad – Visakhapatnam (20834) Visakhapatnam -Secunderabad (20833)
9 Mumbai -Sainagar Shirdi (22223) Sainagar Shirdi-Mumbai (22224)
10 Mumbai – Solapur (22225) Solapur- Mumbai (22226)
11 Bhopal-Delhi (20171) Delhi -Bhopal (20172)
12 Secunderabad-Tirupati (20701) Tirupati-Secunderabad(20702)
13 MGR Chennai Central – Coimbatore (20643) Coimbatore – MGR Chennai Central (20644)
14        Delhi Cantonment – Ajmer (20978) Ajmer- Delhi Cantonment (20977)
15 Thiruvananthapuram Central -Kasaragod (20634) Kasaragod-Thiruvananthapuram Central (20633)
16  Puri-Howrah Vande Bharat (22896) Howrah -Puri Vande Bharat (22895)
17 Anand Vihar Terminal – Dehradun (22457) Dehradun-Anand Vihar Terminal (22458)
18 New Jalpaiguri – Guwahati (22227) Guwahati-New Jalpaiguri (22228)
19 Dharwad – Bengaluru (20662) Bengaluru – Dharwad (20661)
20            Patna – Ranchi (22349) Ranchi – Patna (22350)
21 Bhopal – Indore (20911) Indore – Bhopal (20912)
22 Bhopal – Jabalpur (20173) Jabalpur – Bhopal (20174)
23 Mumbai – Goa (22229) Goa – Mumbai (22230)
24 Gorakhpur – Lucknow (22549) Lucknow- Gorakhpur (22550)
25 Ahmedabad – Jodhpur (12462) Jodhpur – Ahmedabad (12461)

Highlights and Features

Vande Bharat Express flaunts a scope of cutting-edge highlights and innovations that put it aside from customary Indian trains. A portion of its remarkable qualities include:

1. Streamlined Plan: The train’s smooth, streamlined plan diminishes air obstruction, permitting it to effectively accomplish higher rates.

2. Energy-efficient: Vande Bharat Express is furnished with regenerative slowing down, which catches and stores energy during slowing down and uses it for speed increase, making it more energy-productive.

3. Hardened Steel Mentor Body: The train’s treated steel body is both strong and lightweight, adding to its speed and eco-friendliness.

4. Current Insides: The insides of the train are intended for traveller solace, including open seating, a Wi-Fi network, and a very selected storage room.

5. Wellbeing Elements: Vande Bharat Express incorporates progressed security highlights like crisis slowing mechanisms, fire retardant materials, and CCTV observation.

Importance in Indian Rail Organization

The presentation of Vande Bharat Express holds colossal importance with regard to India’s rail organization:

1. Decreased Travel Time: One of the essential goals of Vande Bharat Express was to decrease travel time on key courses. It has effectively accomplished this objective, essentially shortening ventures between significant urban areas like Delhi and Varanasi.

2. Upgraded Traveler Experience: The train’s cutting-edge conveniences and agreeable insides have further developed the general traveller experience, setting new guidelines for Indian railroads.

3. Native Assembling: Vande Bharat Express is a brilliant illustration of the ‘Make in India’ achievement, featuring the country’s ability to deliver state-of-the-art rail innovation.

4. Mechanical Jump: The train addresses a mechanical jump for the Indian rail framework, making way for future fast rail projects in the country.

5. Monetary Lift: The presentation of rapid trains like Vande Bharat Express can help nearby economies by empowering the travel industry and business travel between urban areas.

Difficulties and Reactions

While Vande Bharat Express has earned commendation and deference, it has not been without its portion of difficulties and reactions:

1. Maintenance: The cutting-edge elements of the train request fastidious support, which can be trying for the Indian Rail lines given the tremendousness of the organization.

2. Ticket Valuing: A few pundits contend that ticket costs for Vande Bharat Express are somewhat high, making it less open to the everyday person.

3. Foundation Imperatives: Fast trains like Vande Bharat Express require devoted, excellent tracks, which are still being worked on in many pieces of India.

4. Traveler Burden: The train’s fame has prompted appeals for tickets, which can in some cases bring about congestion.

Future Possibilities

The progress of Vande Bharat Express has opened entryways for the development of rapid rail in India. The Indian government has reported plans to present comparative trains on other key courses, associating significant urban areas and advancing quick travel. These improvements signal a promising future for India’s rail organization, which is set to turn out to be more proficient, agreeable, and open in the years to come.

Vande Bharat Express is an image of India’s assurance to modernize its rail route framework and give elite transportation to its residents. Its presentation has diminished travel time, improved traveller solace, and set new guidelines for rail innovation in the country. While there are difficulties and reactions, the general effect of Vande Bharat Express on India’s transportation scene is certainly sure. As India keeps on putting resources into a high-velocity rail framework, the fate of rail travel in the nation looks encouraging and energizing.

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