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A Womanpreneur’s Odyssey of becoming the Voice of Trust in Real Estate


“I carry in my Eyes, a dream to give a home to at least 100 families and educate 100 girl children in the near future .” Ms. Heena Sehrawat, A leading name in the Indian Realty Space and the Founder and CEO of The Heena Realty Makers and the voice of trust in the Real Estate Industry. Born and brought up in Bahadurgarh, She was a bright innocent child, whose teachers would ask her parents to make her talk contrary to normal complaints!!!

She studied at St. Thomas School, striving for perfection and organization in all she does and enjoying carrying out each task flawlessly. She Recalls incidents like being on the 7th sky when she was the only student in class unpunished by her maths teacher! And eventually heading towards engineering! The tunnel from where every Indian heads to her/his passion…..!

How and why Real Estate? 

Now the innocent being entered in the Real Estate world; learnt and grew with vigor and vision to make everything transparent and reliable. As her first ladder, She joined a company as a sales executive…but wait, From where did real estate come into the picture!? She mentions an incident where her family was trapped in a shady real estate deal, which became the first point of introduction to her. Then her mother had some shadow in the industry which eventually fetched her into the Industry.

Following the position of Sales Executive, she went to all the horizons of the business. She served in the HR department, in CRM, marketing and admin profiles. Surfing through all deeps and shallows of the industry, she brought everything from pins to cars into her knowledge.

When She joined, the number of women in the industry was on the count of fingers. male domination in the sector brought her a lot of entry barriers and hindrances in the path ahead.

She learnt, grew, won and throttled up in her career.

7 Years of the job not only brought her the profile and task management skills but also brought a lot of life lessons. Here comes the point when Corporate Politics knocked on the doors. It is never easy for some people to see others growing. She started facing a lack of coordination from the departments of the company. She remembers how people whom she supported, keeping her priorities aside brought her into the position of ‘Et Tu, Brute’. 

The Entrepreneurial Journey

Every ounce of passion shatters in a soft heart when they face this side of humanity. But she was a girl with burning passion in her eyes simultaneously carrying a shimmer of hope to bring about a change. We may say the ground may shift beneath her feet, but it never broke her stride.

Now that she was in a position of dilemma, she was a bit stressed and anxious. In such situations, a small hand of support, a faded ray of sunshine and the tiniest amount of empathy and push can do wonders! Here in the form of an angel, came her colleague Ms. Chitra Sharma.

Chitra became her backbone, brought her confidence back, and supported her in all thicks and thins of the journey. In April 2022, She quit her job and 4 months later, on her birthday, the 1st of July, The Heena Realty Makers was born. And it’s been 5 months, there’s no looking back! Chitra has been a constant pillar of support. Heena’s undying passion, resilience and grit

is the foundation of the company! Aligning with her principles, She is the voice of trust in the industry. 

Her consistent efforts have brought laurels to the company and also made her a recipient and achiever of 30+ awards!

Mission and Message

As the tagline of the company, that is, Transactions to Relations, Suggests, she believes in building relationships and trust with everyone who joins her in her journey. 

Her mission of making Real estate investments transparent and her belief in abundance for all inspired her to begin The Heena Real Estate club. Through which she educates investors and 

Guides newcomers… 

While she talks about the freshers coming into the field, She emphasized upon building relations as she does herself. She mentioned patience and focus as the prime traits of anyone associated with the Real Estate Industry.

She points to communication skills as the key factor for making it in the industry and any field in general and also advises newcomers to leverage social media and use it as a tool to bring an additional chance of results.

Predictions of upcoming trends

In her point of view, the coming era is of Residential Real Estate. Citing the urban shift and growing demand, she states that the Residential segment will witness an exponential rise. 

Pre-Rented Commercial properties will also see an upsurge, she added. She assertively mentions that Real Estate is a safe and secure investment, foreseeing the predicted recession and in long term as well. She also holds hopes of recession not finding any space in India.

All in all, her journey gives us goosebumps and inspires us to fight for what we want. Consistent and persistent efforts never go in vain. If you’re one to live a shattered-glass life come to walk with this story! You will always find a silver lining clinging on to jagged edges!!! 

Corporate Soldiers wish for her to attain greater heights and reach the highest sky and beyond!


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